Sophisticated classroom

The school has big enough classrooms where students can do the activities very easily . The rooms have got big windows for fresh air.

Greenery environment

The school is surrounded by green environment with different sorts of trees and shrubs. The students enjoy green environment a lot. The school has got mini zoo with different types of birds.

multimedia classes

The school has got ample classes with fixed multimedia projector where students can be benefited with internet felicities and Midas class.


The school has separate cafeteria block for the students where students can enjoy hygienic snacks and food.

Pure Drinking Water

The school provides pure drinking water which is checked by the concern authority. Bio-Sand filtration process is used to get drinking water.


The school has a separate hostel building for boys and girls in separate blocks where 200+ students can be accommodated with hygienic food and recreation facilities .


The school has separate laboratories for physics , chemistry and biology with enough equipment and materials.


The school has got big enough play ground for the holistic development of the students. The students can enjoy basketball, football, cricket and table tennis in the school compound.


The school has the transportation facilities all around the Pokhara Valley with GPS tracking system.


The school library consists more than 5000 books, which are suited to different levels of students.

Best Courses

The school provides the knowledge which are based on life skill, apart from regular classroom teaching. Visiting lectures are the part of school curriculum .

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