About Us


Located in the heart of The Valley of Pokhara, the Capital of national academia, Kumudini Homes was established in 1987 with the motto "Always Aim High". It hosts a faculty of teachers who have proven their highest academic, professional excellence in their respective fields. Teachers are prompted to stay up to date in their specialties and current professionalism. The faculty of well trained, experienced, dedicated and self-motivated professionals ensures the mission of Kumudini Homes. 

Classes from Montessori to 12, with one thousand and five hundred students are being run as per the need and demand of the academic community.

With 20 plus years of history, Kumudini Homes is highly ranked as one of the top boarding schools in Nepal. It has built a reputation for inspiring its students to be high achievers with an outlook to the future. The motto that governs the path of Kumudini Homes is "Always Aim High". Over the years, numerous students have graduated in a variety of subjects with top marks in both district and national exams. Kumudini Homes also boasts of multiple years of a 100 percent graduation rate for SLC.

Situated in sound and green atmosphere, Kumudini Homes has an excellent infrastructure with well-furnished classrooms, well stocked library, well-equipped science lab, semi zoo, art gallery, etc. The school also facilitates a nurse while on duty during core school hours. This will ensure that any health emergencies will gain prompt attention.

Vision statement

 Kumudini Homes aims to be the Pioneer of academy excellence.  We are devoted to quality education through modern pedagogical methodologies. our learning systems enhance the student socially and morally in alert

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